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August Medical cereneo is one of the world’s leading stroke rehabilitation centers. Here, patients with stroke, trauma or brain disease receive a personalised treatment plan that leverages the latest treatment methods as well as innovative technology and devices.

Outcomes in stroke rehabilitation depend on motivation

Motivated patients reach their treatment goals faster.

A neurorehabilitation programme can feel like training for a marathon. It is exhausting. And sometimes it is even painful. That is why a patient's motivation can weaken after a while. August Medical cereneo aims to keep the motivation high despite the strain. Our treatment strategy includes providing regular feedback about improvements, giving specific rewards and creating an overall joyful environment. Our first priority, however, is your progress on your long-term and sustainable goals.

Our Approach

AMc leading neurorehabilitation center personalised treatment patient therapists

Personalised and comprehensive

Stroke, trauma or neurological diseases often affect several brain functions at once. That is why patients at our stroke center receive a comprehensive rehabilitation programme that is personalised to their specific needs. Each patient profits from 2 to 4 hours of one-on-one therapy for up to 5 times per week.

AMc rehabilitation stroke patient interdisciplinary approach technologies

Putting research into practice

As a branch of cereneo, August Medical cereneo cooperates with the cereneo Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (cefir) and a network of international university hospitals to conduct research in rehabilitation. New therapeutic approaches and devices are continuously evaluated and implemented in each of our patients' treatment programmes.

AMc neurorehabilitation center stroke innovative methods occupational therapy

Innovative and interdisciplinary

Our treatment concept has been created by an interdisciplinary team to leverage professional insights from doctors, therapists and nurses alike. It furthermore includes personalised and highly intense treatment, innovative technology and build upon the patient’s social environment.

Our Goal

Dr. Andreas Luft

cereneo aims to explore and research the full potential of neurorehabilitation, to make it accessible to patients as early as possible.

Dr. Andreas Luft

Vision & Mission


The vision of August Medical cereneo is to become the leading neurorehabilitation center within the UAE and overall GCC region by providing patients who have disorders or impairments of the nervous system with neurological rehabilitation therapy.


As one of the world’s leading neurorehabilitation clinics and research facilities, we make modern state-of-the-art treatment in neurorehabilitation accessible and provide our patients with highly personalized treatment.


We combine all different aspects of therapy from movement to speech/cognition and tailor it to the needs of every single patient. Our mission is to help restore the highest possible level of independence and to enrich patients’ quality of life.




Medical Professionals
Dr. Andreas R. Luft

Dr. Luft is a neurologist and clinical scientist, Professor at Zurich University and Medical Director at cereneo. He also runs the Stroke Centre at the University Hospital of Zurich.

He is known internationally for his research in the field of neurorehabilitation. As the creator of the medical and scientific concept of cereneo, he is convinced that patients who have suffered brain injury or a stroke need constant and empathetic support based on the latest clinical findings in order to make the best possible recovery.

  • Degree in Human Medicine at Tubingen University, Germany (1991-1998)
  • Training in Neurology at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA and Tubingen University, Germany (1998-2005)
  • Assistant Professor for Clinical Neurorehabilitation at Zurich University (2008-2013)
  • Professor for Vascular Neurology and Rehabilitation at Zurich University (since 2014)
  • Associated Professor at D-HEST at ETH Zurich (since June 2016)


View Wissiflueh SwitzerlandDoctors and patient working togetherDoctor and scientist research workRobotic room at cereneo SwitzerlandPatient during movement therapyOpening of the first branch August Medical cereneo
The idea

The field of neurorehabilitation is not yet making full use of its potential to improve neurological disability. A better understanding of the physiological processes of recovering and learning in the brain, the use of new procedures and a higher therapy intensity (longer therapy duration) offer the prospect of improved recovery after damage to the brain. The foundation, Michael Horacek and Doctor Andreas Luft discuss existing institutions, concepts and the need for a neurorehabilitation clinic.

Development work

A needs analysis and business case for the clinic in Vitznau are created together with specialist partners from the fields of hospital planning, the insurance industry, science and many other experts. This is followed by many discussions with insurance companies, doctors, health authorities and personnel development specialists. The vision of a clinic with a new therapy concept, where all patients are treated equally and there are no differences between insured patients and those paying themselves, starts to take shape.

The foundation

After a two year preparation phase, cereneo AG was founded in Vitznau in April 2012. The new neurorehabilitation clinic is the first new provider in this segment for decades. The differences from the other providers in the canton are clear to see. The architecture and facilities were created with great attention to detail and with the aim of providing excellent neurorehabilitation. At cereneo there is a lot of space and facilities - this is done in the interest of the patients and their relatives.

The opening

cereneo opened its doors to patients for the first time in 2013. At this time the team at cereneo consisted of 16 people. For the carers, therapists, doctors and all of the other employees it was the start of an exciting journey towards building a new clinic with a new structure and new concepts. Evidence for the ideas was sought.

Proof of concept

The clinic is now established. At the start of the year there are 10 carers, 14 movement therapists and 2 doctors working in the medical area. The scientific advisory board is set up. Three members are appointed (Professor Nick Ward, University College of London, Great Britain; Professor Gert Kwakkel, VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Professor Jon Krakauer, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA).

Opening of the first branch

Many of cereneo's patients come from Arabian countries. To allow more patients to profit from our unique approach, and to enable a better follow-up training, cereneo and August Medical founded a new outpatient facility in Dubai, UAE. August Medical cereneo - Center for Neurological Rehabilitation was officially inaugurated under the patronage and attendance of H.E. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development.