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Outpatient stroke rehabilitation
for every need

Taking part in a neurorehabilitation program requires a lot of determination from the patient and from their social environment. That is why we ensure to provide consistent support and guidance during therapy and beyond.



Local patients:


Please talk to your treating physician to determine if August Medical cereneo is an option for you or your family members.
We offer neurorehabilitation services for patients with self-paying eligibility and for those with insurance reimbursement options.

International patients:


Please contact us directly. You can send us a message via contact form or call us at +971 4 2 44 82 11. After you've shared your medical history with us, our doctors will recommend a personalised treatment plan for you, which will include duration and pricing.



August Medical cereneo is located in Dubai Healthcare City, which is an urban healthcare community within the heart of the city of Dubai. We understand that every patient’s family plays a crucial role in their recovery process and therefore will assist our international patients in locating hotels within the surrounding area for comfort and easy access to our center, if required.

Distance to Dubai Airport: approx. 18 minutes by car.

Distance to famous landmarks:
- Rashid Hospital: approx. 8 minutes by car (2.6 KM)
- Alliance Francaise: approx. 6 minutes by car (1.8 KM).
- Mohammed Bin Rashid University: approx. 5 minutes by car (1.1 KM)

How can we help you?

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you
need any advice or support.

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