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Patients and their families should have the peace of mind to fully focus on their recovery. That's why we take care of every detail, and support everyone throughout their treatment.

The key components of neurological physical therapy

AMc rehabilitation center stroke patient doctor movement therapy
Movement Therapy

Mobility, balance, upper & lower limb function mean independence and ensure a high quality of life. Movement therapy - which is the combination of physiotherapy and occupational therapy - addresses all of these qualities. At AMc, we here implement one of our most crucial therapy management strategies, the Forced Use concept, which can be applied in neurological conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson's Disease, and ALS.

AMc stroke recovery center patient physiotherapy therapist

Neurological diseases and injuries are often associated with reduced physical exercise and stress capacity. Physiotherapists aid in improving strength, endurance and responsiveness of the patient. Therapeutic work at AMc is targeted at supporting our patients in the recovery of specific movement components and the integration of these functions into complex domestic and non-domestic activities, to help patients to regain strength and independence.

AMc stroke rehabilitation recovery treatment patient movement occupational therapy
Occupational Therapy

One focus of occupational therapy is the support and counselling of our patients and their family members in the execution of daily activities and self-care. Taking into account the social and family situation, the independence and everyday abilities of our patients are developed and strengthened. Another emphasis in the August Medical cereneo therapy approach is the counselling and accompaniment of a patient’s professional as well as social reintegration.

Our neuro rehabilitation services

Our neurorehabilitation center is equipped with state-of-the-art movement analysis, robotic systems and other innovative devices to complement the hands-on training with the therapist.

AMc neurology physical patient stroke interdisciplinary therapist team gait analysis balance movement training

Vector Gait & Safety System by Bioness

This system is an innovative over-ground gait training tool, which improves mobility and balance in patients recovering from various neurological conditions.

AMc neuro rehabilitation center arm movement therapy robotic training device stroke patient

Armeo® Spring
by Hocoma

This arm exoskeleton helps impaired patients to train their arm movement by assisting with force or coordination.


AMc neurorehabilitation innovative robotic device leg movement training neurological impairment

DD System ELITE™ Medical Leg Press by Dynamic Devices

This interactive robotic training device uses Bionic Training Technology and augmented reality exercises to keep patients engaged throughout their training.

AMc stroke rehabilitation center patient neurological impairment robotic leg movement mobilization

Erigo by Hocoma®

This device allows mobilization and verticalization of immobile patients. Robotic leg movements help to stimulate the central nervous system at a very early stage. 

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